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To create perfect smile for millions of faces, a proper dental lab is a very important place. In a dental lab, important things for better dental care are produced. The mass produced items in a dental lab are caps, bridges, veneers etc. Imperfect manufacturing of all these things may cause inconvenience and users may face further problems. Better end products can be expected if technicians manufacturing them have great skills.

Proper dental lab technologies are as  – CAD/CAM technology, scanning using computer, restoration planning and milling techniques. Introducing all these said technologies may need quite a good amount of money. This is why some service providers hire highly skilled professionals in place of buying latest technologies. But one must remember that patients will always look for best services with a combination of good technical support and facilities.


Importance of advanced dental lab technologies:

  1. Imperfect filling, ill fitting dentures may happen if the dental lab is not equipped with latest technologies. Manual creation of dental implants with the help of moldings is not the scene of a proper dental lab. Personalized computer programs are now used by the modern dental labs, which ensure that the measurements are accurate. As a result, shifting of dentures because of chewing, sneezing or even laughing can be avoided. More durable implants are made using modern dental lab technologies.
  2. Two other important facilities of modern dental labs are safety and hygiene. Deadly diseases can spread to the patients if the lab is not hygienic. When dental procedures are done, a number of microorganisms are released from mouth, which in turn may cause some very dangerous diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B etc. Maintaining proper hygiene will diminish the chances of spreading such diseases.

Proper technologies for dental lab are used just to make sure that the patients are getting the best services in a safe way. Using proper equipments and maintaining hygiene and safety are some important steps that a modern dental lab should ensure.


If you are planning to set up a dental lab for excellent patient care, there are some essential dental lab equipments that you will need to procure. These equipments are required to accomplish dental lab procedures easily and safely. Some of the more common equipments and supplies used in a dental lab without which you can’t manage are drills, scale, mirrors, suction tubes and units, picks, air compressors and Retractors, dental scanners, milling machines, sintering furnaces etc.
Equipments in the dental lab

The list of dental lab equipment can’t be the same in every dental clinic. It’s because the procedures practiced in them can be either too broad or very limited. However, there is no complete list of dental lab equipment to buy, and based on what type of services you want to offer at your clinic, you have to decide on what equipment to buy. For example, if your lab offers dental restorative procedures, you would need to buy dental lab equipment like CORiTEC 750i, CORiTEC 240i, and DT scanners, apart from making arrangements for using dental lab technology for Zirconia milling, fixed restoration etc. After all, dental restorative procedures would need some advanced equipments that have no use in general dentistry methods. Some labs may also add items like pinhole drills, ultrasonic cleansers, electric waxers, articulators, oral vibrators, ceramin oven, water baths and pneumatic chisels to their list for better patient care and giving them a competitive edge over other labs.

You can also consider other kinds of dental lab equipments such as the X-ray machine for diagnosis, specialty chairs for the patients, and protective gloves and masks for your staff.  You will also need water lines, trays, and dental syringes for day-to-day use. So, based on what your lab’s specialty is, choose the equipments for your dental lab which would offer a relaxing dental experience to your patients.

There are various factors to be considered while buying equipments for a dental lab and supplies. It also depends on whether you wish to open a clinic, upgrade the existing clinic, or planning to set up an orthodontic clinic etc. Nevertheless, irrespective of the situation, you must take your time to research all features of equipments before you make the purchase. If you decide to purchase online, you must be careful about spam sites.


Things to look for before buying dental lab equipment

– Understand the purpose that your chosen lab equipment will serve to make the most of it. Also, research well to see who the best manufacturer for that type of equipment is.

– If it is an online purchase, be sure to read the reviews and look into two or three extremely well known sites to compare rates and features.

– Compare features of same equipment made by multiple, reputed manufacturers and look for practical features of the equipment in question.

– Never end up paying for features, which you won’t require in your lab.

– Whatever equipment you buy, make sure that you have thorough knowledge about its usage. There are various modifications made in the modern equipments, with changing dental lab technologies. Your confidence of usage is what will bring confidence to the patients.

– If you are buying the entire set of dental lab equipment for your new lab, try to get a good deal or discount.

– Buying equipment from a manufacturer rather than a retail person is a better and cheaper option. There are manufacturers who have their own outlets and also offer all other accessories required for a dental lab.

Do your homework well to find the right manufacturers and suppliers for buying your dental lab equipment and supplies. After all, it’s the right choice that would help you get the best equipment, save money, and gain the confidence of your patients.