Application Of CAD/CAM Dental For Dental Laboratories

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Dental Equipment Lab
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Improvement of technology has improved the overall standard of living. Our society has been greatly influenced by the advancement of technology. Almost in every dimension of our life like education, economy, transport, communication and even in medical sector, we realize the improvement of technology. With the help of better technology, lots of problems can be resolved easily.

Similarly, in the domain of dental care, advancement of technology has shown a great impact. Many dentists are now using CAD/CAM dental technology with the help of which dental restoration like inlays, bridges and crowns have been made possible. CAD/CAM means computer aided design or computer aided manufacturing. For manufacturing a vast range of dental products, this technology is used nowadays. The dentist can take proper images and measurement and hence can manufacture the dental product in a very short period of time. Patient can also check the product immediately to see whether that would fit them well or not.


Advantages of CAD/CAM dental technology:

  • A molded impression of your teeth does not need to be done by the dentist if the lab has CAD/CAM dental technology.
  • You won’t require a permanent visit or return visit for restoration of the product. If the lab has this technology, 2 visits would be enough to complete the restoration.
  • High strength product can be made using this technology.
  • In the milling chamber, porcelain ceramic materials work very well, which can provide strength, high aesthetic value and durability.

CAD/CAM dental materials are definitely costlier than traditional dental materials. The dentist who is using this technology in his/her clinic has to invest well and this can cause the price of the dental materials to rise. If the patient wants an immediate dental implant and is looking for a realistic option, the best bet is CAD/CAM dental materials for sure!


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